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Oil of Lavender

"To make Oyle of Lavender, take a pint of Sallet Oyl, and put it into a glass then put to it a handful of Lavender, and let it stand in the sun twelve dais and use it in all respects"

From The English House-Wife, A Way to Get Wealth, Gervase Markham, 13th ed 1676
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Iris - grows extremely well, produces thick, lush blades of foliage and strong flower stalks 2-3 ft.  Check the local and online nursery, this iris sells for $6-7.

You will receive a rhizome with clipped roots and leaves.  It can stay out of the ground for a week or two without serious harm, but is best to plant as soon as possible  Irises are easy to establish and require a minimum of maintenance.

Calla - tall, large white blooms, perfect for weddings and Easter. Outstanding height with tall, strong stems.  Leaves are 12" plus long.

Plant outdoors in a bright, morning light. They like afternoon shade, especially in warm areas and grow best in a moist soil that includes mulch. Plant the bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep and 1 to 2 feet apart. They can also be planted in pots and make good houseplants.

Oxalis - hardy & gorgeous for the rock garden, showy enough for flower borders and many are great for window boxes and greenhouses.  The photo was taken in the winter to show the hardiness.   They have dainty pink blooms now and will through the summer. 

Cannas - beautiful tropical cannas are easy to grow.  They bloom constantly throughout the season and the foilage is stunning.

You will receive a rhizome with clipped roots and leaves & is best to plant as soon as possible.  In colder climates they need to be dug and stored or mulched heavily.  SOLD OUT